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Kristine Kupka left her sister Kathy a phone message on the morning October 24, 1998. She stated that she was going out with the father of her unborn baby, Darshanand Persaud, also known as Rudy, to help him clean his new apartment and that she would call later. Kathy never heard from her 28 year old pregnant sister again. Kristine, a Baruch College student in New York City was 5 months pregnant and looking forward to a life as a single mother. Rudy was the baby's father. He had been Kristine's teacher at Baruch. When Kristine informed Rudy that she was pregnant, he told her that he was married. Tension rose between Kristine and Rudy over the pregnancy. He feared that it would ruin his life and his family would shun him. He pleaded with her to have an abortion. She feared him and told her roommate "If anything happens to me, Rudy did it."

Kristine and Kathy Kupka in 1993

Kristine's story told in New York Magazine, Jan. 1999


The Kristine Kupka investigation is being carried out by Gil Alba. anyone who has suggestions, recommendations, advice, or wants to chat about Kristine's case should visit the message board at

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Missing Persons Day sponsored by The Center for Hope.

April 6, 2002 at Noon at the New York State Legislative Office Building (room 711A), Albany, New York.
Who should attend? Anyone affected by a missing person, including: parents, grandparents, siblings, neighbors, teachers and others caring people. The agenda will include speakers from many walks of life, displays, presentation of awards, a missing person ceremony and an opportunity to collaborate.

New Media About Kristine:

New York Daily News, April 3, 2002

New York Times, March 17, 2002 (article)

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MSNBC aired a comprehensive program about Kristine Kupka and Anna Maire Scivetti on July 24 . See screen shots from the program

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